Merging Projects - Multiple Failures

Hi Team, I have had a couple issues trying to merge two projects in Matic.
I can’t find any documentation around these errors, can you please help me get to the bottom of them?
I have tried changing multiple things to make it work and get different errors each time.

The errors I have gotten recently include:
“Projects contain the same camera” - Is this because I have some of the same images in these projects? Do you not want any of the images to have overlap?
“Internal Error : Unknown bpc section” - What does this refer to?

Hi @jwhite1

Which version of PIX4Dmatic were you using? Make sure to use the latest preview 1.53.0 if it’s not already the case, as we released an improved merging workflow there.

Hi Pierangelo, I have just updated and it does seem to be working on the new version. Thanks.

Great to hear it works!

Hi Pierangelo,
Unfortunately while one of the merge projects worked, unfortunately I am now getting the “Internal Error : Unknown bpc section” error.
Can you please elaborate on what this means and how I can fix it?

It looks like the merge command is struggling when trying to open the sparse point cloud for merging. That could be either because the file is somehow corrupted, or because we have a bug

I would expect that if the merge command has issues, so does matic when just opening the project. If matic also cannot open the merged project, I think this project might just be corrupted. If there is a difference between project opening and merging, I would be very interested. Could you try and let me know?

Once you tried the above, you could try running the calibration again in the sub-projects before merging them, this should fix the bpc file.