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merging projects in mapper

Our area is of 13 sq km and total no. of images is approx 11000, we have divided it into 4 projects and now we want to merge it, so I want to know that is it good to merge that big 4 projects into one project… and if it is, then how much time it will take to complete and how much space is required…??

Hi Sudhir,

Yes. Usually it is recommended to divide projects that are very large into smaller sub-projects, especially if your computer is not powerful enough to process it all in one single project. That’s the right workflow. I would like to add that it is necessary to use MTPs (Manual Tie Points) with the same name in all sub-project. It will allow the project to be correctly merged.
How to merge project

About the processing time of merging, I cannot tell you exactly. It will strongly depend on your computer specifications.
When merging project, the software will automatically launch the first step that consist into creating one single block. But for sure it will take quite a lot of time as you are processing a lot of images. Again it will strongly depend on your hardware. 
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Hope this will help,