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Merge DJI RGB and senseFly thermoMap

Has anyone had experience with merging RGB from a DJI Phantom 4 Pro and senseFly thermoMap?

I get a “Warning w0009” “Image coordinate systems are not the same”

The inputs differ in the Vertical.  One is MSL and one is Geoid Height Above.  I’ve tried making them the same but still cannot merge the projects.

Hi Mark,

About merging projects I would recommend this article:
What you could do is to discard the image geotags of one project to be able to merge.

Thank you for your response Julie.

I am curious if there is an established workflow for or documented success of merging the senseFly thermoMap imagery with DJI Phantom 4 Pro imagery.  Perhaps someone at Pix4d has knowledge of an initial setup procedure that will produce a successful merge.

I will attempt your suggestion and reply with the results.

Hi Mark,

You can find the step by step instructions on how to process a dataset with both thermal and RGB imagery here.



Here’s the workflow for anyone who needs to combine DJI RGB and senseFly thermoMap (or any two cameras that are not identical).


Process step one for both camera types in their own projects.  Ensure both output coordinate systems are the same.

Add mtp to identical objects in each project (or gcp) and ensure they are named identical in each project.  Re-optimize and save.

When you merge projects be sure to choose the project you’d like pix4d to recognize and use for the geo metadata.


Ina and Julie… Three steps is a lot more helpful opposed to your link to the wiki.  Thanks (I guess).