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Mavic 2 - Too much contrast for Photogrammetry

Hello everyone,

after being talked down to in the Mavic Forums about using JPGs at all (because they were to ignorant to understand that I have no other choice in Pix4D), I would like to ask you folks here about my current issue.

I had a M1P for about 2 years and the quality of the JPGs with the flat D-Log profile was decent. But most importantly, due to the flat gamma curve, the images had enough dynamic range so there was nearly no information “lost” even during sunny days. And I could always add contrast in Metashape or even Sketchfab.

Now with the M2P, I dont have any more picture profiles while shooting JPGs other than setting the contrast to -3. But as I found out during my first missions (#1 and #2 the contrast is still way too high to capture images during bright sunlight.

How do you all handle this issue?