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Mavic 2 Pro & Phantom 4 Pro different GSD

I compared this dji’s drons and I don’t understand one thing. In Pix4Dcapture when I set parameter e.g. 100 altitude.

Mavic 2 Pro -> GSD - 2,34 cm/px
Phantom 4 Pro -> GSD - 2,73 cm/px

both have the same
matrix size: 1’’ CMOS
number of pix: 20 mln

So what is different ?

Isn’t it the difference in focal length?

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It’s true. the focal length is different. Mavic 2 pro: 10.5 mm, Phantom 4 pro:8.6 mm. The formula for GSD is given here:, you could also use our GSD calculator:

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