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Capture app height selection in regards to accuracy achieved

Dear All,

I am trying to undestand how to setup the flight height in regards to the orthompa resolution required, ie achieving a 1, 2, 5 cm resolution on the final product.

Is there a chart available showing what you achive at 30, 40, 50 m etc?

Best Regards
Spyros Kokkinakis

Hi Spyros,

On our support website you can find an handy tool that, depending on your camera’s specs and flight altitude, calculates the expected orthomosaic Ground Sampling Distance (GSD). You can download it in Excel or OpenOffice format and use it for your Pix4Dcapture flight planning preparation.

GSD Calculator:

Note that we’re working on making GSD information available directly inside the app during the flight planning. It’s on our roadmap and it will be implemented in future Pix4Dcapture releases.

Best regards

Hi Mattia,


Thank you very much for the reply and link. If I entered the specs for my Phantom 3 PRo correctly, you need a height of 10 m to achieve 1cm of resolution.


Does it sound to you correct?





Hello Spyros,

Using P3 Pro camera parameters (Sw = 6.17 mm, Fr = 3.9 mm) in Pix4D GSD calculator, to get 1 cm/pixel GSD you will need to fly at approximately 25 m of altitude. At 10 m you will potentially get 0.4 cm/pixel resolution.

Hope this helps,