Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced vs Mavic 3T Enterprise

My name is Travis and I work with a University doing agriculture research and interested in visual and thermal imagery for my projects. The issue is the M2EA FLIR thermal camera poses issues when trying to process in Pix4D. The FLIR camera images are not necessarily radiometric and have to be converted but then lose EXIF data and requires a substantial amount of learning and time to correct. However, I know the Mavic 3T Enterprise has a DJI thermal camera with the same resolution. Does this version process in a more compatible fashion with Pix4D software? Curios about any advice that can be provided?


Hi Travis,

I see that images from the M3E are not radiometric corrected either, as they are “.jpg”.
You can read

I can confirm we officially support the wide RGB camera of the M3E.
Regarding thermal, you could process them, but you will not get the absolute temperature values, you will get a colorful map.



Thank you for the response. Are there any plans in the near future for the integration of the Mavic 3T Thermal images? Or any other options? The article you supplied is great explaining the different file formats and such but not solution to the problem.