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In Acute3d and Agisoft, I can use a mask to get rid of an area in a photo that I don’t want to use - I can use a single mask for many photos.

How can I do this in Pix4d. I’ve seen “Image Annotation” - but that is on a “per photo” basis isn’t it?




Hannah, correct, image annotation only applies to that one photo, but any 3D points that were created using that portion of the photo will be removed from your point cloud so generally you don’t have to mask a large number of images to have a big impact.

Is it because part of the photo is obscured by something? If there’s a leg or something included in all of the photos that doesn’t move between images then it usually doesn’t get used during processing. You can make sure by selecting one of the pictures and checking if there were automatic keypoints created in that area that you want to mask.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the reply. I am using a photo survey (with many thousands of photos) from a rig on top of a car. It is parts of these rig that is getting included in the textures in the wavefront obj extract. As I couldn’t work out how to easily work around this using Pix4d I’ve had to use alternative software for now.


We are about to process a similar dataset (camera mounted on top of a car, with the car visible in the shots)

Is there any solution we can use to not have the same problem as Hannah?