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mark export function


I use ‘mark import’ function when using mark-data from PIX4Dmapper.
But export function is not on PIX4Dmatic.

If I want to exchange mark-data from PIX4Dmatic to PIX4Dmatic (sometime PIX4Dmapper), there is no ‘mark export’ function.

I expect to add export function.

Best Regards,
Seiichi Takayama

Hello seiichi_takayama,
I would suggest visiting our feature request page for PIX4Dmatic. You can enter your request for the export function there.

Thank you!

Hi @seiichi_takayama , which version of PIX4Dmatic are you using? We’ve added the export/import of MTP marks and have improved the export/import of GCP and Checkpoint marks in version 1.21.1:

If the issue persists with that version, please let us know in more detail when exactly the “mark export” is missing.

Thank you

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Dear @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler
I used version 1.20.0.
I didn’t notice new version.
I will try !
Thank you.

Best Regards
Seiichi Takayama