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Manipulating multiple blocks

Oftentimes when I hand fly I get multiple blocks. For example, I hand flew four flights the other day. In the end I got 7 blocks. This is obviously an issue when you display the tie points or point cloud. There will be 7 different chunks floating around at different angles.

I know how to add MTPs to sew together multiple blocks in theory. However, this doesn’t always work, and rematch and reoptimize can be time consuming as you iterate.

I notice that there is one block which is pretty good, while the 6 others appear to be smaller and insignificant. Is it possible to export just this block? It seems difficult to handle the blocks. You cannot identify which cameras belong to which block, and I am not sure if you can isolate the point cloud. I guess what I would want to do in this case if I can’t isolate the block is somehow identify the cameras associated with the bad blocks and uncheck those from my initial processing.

It also seems that Pix4D should be smart enough to handle multiple blocks. At the very least, in laser scan software, you can register various scans to one another if you give the software a good initial guess. Maybe this could be implemented into Pix4D?

Thank you.

If you would like to export just one block, you can do so by using the point cloud editor. You can assign unnecessary points to “disable” and create the part that you would like to use. For more information, please refer to the link below.

Regarding the second question, I may not understand correctly; however, the link below has information about the third-party software.

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