Different elevations between adjacent point clouds (2 blocks)

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Hi everybody
I need to ask. I have two blocks but the elevation error of two point cloud points is next to each other. How can I put two nearby cloud points to the same value in two adjacent blocks?


Do you have one or two projects?

if you have 1 project with 2 blocks, then you need to add Manual Tie Points: How to add / import and mark manual tie points (MTPs) in therayCloud connecting the 2 blocks: You need to mark the same point on images of the each block

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


hi, i have 2 project and  mark the same point on images of the each block, but not the same elevation


 Could you give us more information in order to better understand the issue:

  • How many identical MTPs did you mark in each block? Keep in mind that we recommend is at least 4 MTPs in the intersecting area. Depending on the area, more might be needed. 
  • Could you attach some screenshots of the elevation difference?
  • Did you process the project seperately and used the merging procedure afterward? Or did you process the dataset all at once?