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Adding MTPs to sew together multiple blocks

Hello, I am having an issue similar to in this thread, for which there seemed to be no resolution: how to visualize blocks to aid placement of manual tie points?

The author wanted a way to visualize the multiple blocks that were produced after Step 1 to guide their MTP placement.

You can see in my project that Step 1 has produced four disjoint blocks:

I would like to stitch these blocks together by adding mutual MTPs and doing Rematch and Optimize to reprocess Step 1. It seems that the only way to add MTPs, however, is by first clicking an ATP in the rayCloud.

For example:

You can see that when I click an ATP in the block in the picture, only 13 images are displayed. Obviously if I add an MTP using these images, I can only improve the intra-block accuracy, but I am not helping the program connect to other blocks.

Is there a way to show all available photos when adding MTPs?

Thank you.

Hi there

You can add MTP’s in GCP/MTP manager and use the Basic editor.

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