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Multiply block and deferent altitude

I make around 30 flight for large area, I get around 16000 photo.
I have processed step 1 for each 4000 photo as single project separately, then I marged first 2 project (8000 photo ) in one project, now I going to marge both of 8000 in final project for the area , but quality report show multiply block and z level difference.

The question : can I add the MTPs on the marged projects to fix the level of block And make them one block or should separate to multiply projects and add the MTPs on each project separately and reprocess step 1 Again and marge them ?

I have no time plz what is the fastest way to fix this

Hi Raed,

The best practice is to process step 1 of the projects separately. Add the MTPs which are visible on all the projects and reoptimize  each project. You can merge the projects after that. At least 3 manual tie points are recommended and make sure you are naming the tie points correctly (Each tie point should have the same name in all the projects).