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[Pix4DMapper] [Desktop] Multiple blocks and poorly oriented images

We ran a test project and step 1 resulted in 2 blocks. One block was OK with  about 35 images, but the second block with 5 images was wrongly oriented, at about 90 degrees from vertical. Is there a solution to fixing this, or is this a problem with poor overlap and no matches that has no fix other than collecting more images that better overlap for improved matching?

I wanted to try and use MTPs to match the 2 blocks to see if the orientation would correct itself after either rematch/reoptimize, or running step 1 again, but the problem with MTPs right now is that only images that are nearby will be loaded for MTP marking, and because the orientation is so far off, they do not load when choosing a point from a nearby image. If it would in fact help to correct this problem, it would be nice to be able to manually add images for MTP marking, even if they don’t automatically load into the selection window.

Well in theory the MTP will work but honestly with 40 images, I doubt you have much to work with so more images with more overlap is the best route to fix the situation.

In general, you can’t get too many pictures in the field as you can always use less in processing.

I see that for our test we should have acquired more images in order to get results we could work with.

I agree with Adam that 40 images are not a lot to work with…and agreed with Y2 UAV that it is probably due to a poor overlap in the area. The reason for blocks to appear is that the software doesn’t find any similarity between them and then they get optimized separately. 

That’s why I would also say that having more images with higher overlap should fix the issue in your case.

Nevertheless, if that would happen with more images to work with and there is no other choice. The approach with marking MTPs and “Rematch and Optimize” seems good. The trick to marking images in both blocks is to use the Basic Editor (can be a life saver in that case). What I usually do in that case is that I check in the rayCloud which images see the point I’d like to mark an MTP on, then I go into the Basic Editor and mark the MTP. Here is an article on that: