Mâlain Castle by Yann de Couëssin from XXII Group

Hi Everyone,

Today, we have the Mâlain Castle in the spotlight.

This model was created by Yann de Couëssin, R&D Engineer at XXIIGroup.

Sketchfab link: https://sketchfab.com/models/3026331cb9f24b76b7f4bc8475e8a8e7 

Yann shared some details about the project:

For the Mâlain Castle project, we wanted to master the UAV photogrammetric workflow, using PIX4D Solutions.

We had a Phantom 3 Standard in stock and wanted to give it a try!

In a 1,5-hour flight, I lead 3 filming sessions: simple grid, double grid, and circular missions.

The computation went easy: on a laptop (specs as follow: i5 / 8G DDRIII / SSD / Nvidia 960M), in middle settings. It took about 20 hours to compile the 650 pictures (18M pixels, jpg).

After the creation of the 3D model (with a 16K texture), we made a retopology for VR and AR Unity integration.

We displayed the 3D-modeled castle on a social VR app for HTC Vive and also via the Lenovo Phab2Pro Google Tango enabled smartphone.

These new technologies offer our customers a higher reach thanks to more innovative and immersive content. VR experiences have been proven to be recorded as a memory (hence emotions are involved) by the Human brain, instead of as an information."

XXII is an innovative studio specializing in immersive content creation (VR, AR and MR) for a wide range of customer profiles: Marketing & Communication agencies, Luxury brands, industrials, TV channels, Tourism industry, among others.

Enjoy it, and feel free to share your comments and your projects!

Pix4D team