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Bovino castle

Last but not least the “virtual footage”: 

List of screenshots:

  1. essential data
  2. quality report
  3. aerial view
  4. aerial view
  5. aerial view without high vegetation
  6. orthomosaic
  7. DSM

For further informations feel free to visit my web domain.









This is very impressive Antonio! It reminds me of our project: Pix4D Chillon Project 


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Thanks for your kind comment. This project is an example of how it is possible to collect projects all over the world and contribute to archive humankind’s heritage, which is the thesis I’ll sustain as relator at World Engineering Forum 2017 to be held in Rome in next November. For further information about, feel free to visit my website Regards.

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Great work Antonio! and great purpose too! What is the next heritage site you will model? 

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Dear Antonio, This is impressive! It was a pleasure to join the Summer School in Alberobello and to see how the works are going live! Thank You very much and good Luck in your father Projects!


@Aliona Thanks a lot for your kind comment. As I’ve written here, now I’m working about my presentation at World Engineering Forum 2017 where I’ll show my works and I’ll sustain my thesis: “All over the world everyone can become a surveyour and contribute to archive humankind’s heritage using UAV’s technology: it is cheaper and faster”

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I take the advantage to update this page with one of the new feature from our new Community:
The 3D embedding:


Thank you Marco.