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Major overlook capture app and iOS

The home point seems to be set by the ios device. This is a huge issue for ipads that are not the cellular version as they do not have go’s chips in them. This should be changed to accept the dronesocation at takeoff as the home point.

Hi Todd,

With the latest version of Pix4Dcapture on iOS, 1.0.1 for P2V(+) and 1.2.2 for other drones, it is possible to ignore any restrictions related to the home point: Go to Home screen > Grid Mission > Settings icon > set the option Ignore home point to Yes.

Note that by default the distance between the home point and the center of the grid is 150 m, the home point being where the drone was switched on and acquired the GPS signal the first time.


Yes but if the drone needs to return to home at the end of the mission or on low battery it will head to the wrong point…

We would then suggest that you make sure to switch on the drone where you want it to land.
What do you mean by wrong home? What would be the right home point for landing?