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Loading a KML with a hole

I am wondering if Pix4d has the ability to load a KML with a hole for the processing area? I am flying a walkway around a lake and would like my exports to be cropped to 5m off the walkway path. I created a KML that covers just the area i want in Google Earth, but when i load it into Pix4d only one of the boundaries is displayed. So instead of getting something like a Donut I just get a circle. Is there anyway to load such a KML into Pix4d?

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I don’t believe so. I just tried a few different files with polygons this way and it works for me as you described.

Can you use GIS (like Global Mapper) to clean this up after processing? I do what you’re asking for often in global mapper. Main issue would be if you’re trying to upload to Pix4d cloud and can’t set that boundary before uploading.

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Thanks. That’s what i ended up doing, was just hoping there was a way so the Pix4d processing would go quicker and wouldn’t require the extra import and export steps and time


Hi n.roper,

Thank you for your message, and welcome to the Pix4D Community.
As already anticipated by Derrick_Westoby1, it is not possible to use a shape like this (Donut). Only one of the two polygons is taken into account.
I can see two solutions here:

  • You can clean the result in post-processing using a GIS application (QGIS, Global Mapper, ArcGis, …)
  • You can use a “C” shaped polygon, but you will lose one part of the full circle

I hope this helps.