Lining drone to app

Hi my name is Aaron I’m from beautiful Sandiego new to this site I’m trying to figure out him to lunch my phantom 3 standard to the pix 4D app

Hi Aaron,

Welcome to our Community!

We have two image acquisition apps available, PIX4Dscan and PIX4Dcapture.
Phantom 3 is compatible with PIX4Dcapture but not PIX4Dscan.
You can find out more about what drones, cameras and controllers are compatible here.
Supported drones, cameras and controllers - PIX4Dscan
Supported drones, cameras and controllers - PIX4Dcapture

For information on how to get started, feel free to have a look at here.

Getting Started - PIX4Dcapture
Getting started - PIX4Dscan

I also attached PIX4Dscan in case you have other drones that’s compatible with PIX4Dscan as well.

Please note that PIX4Dcapture app is a free app, so we only offer support through our community, which is here. If you are having any issue with our app, we suggest posting it in our community and we will respond to the issue through the Community. Before posting, you can also refer to Troubleshooting - PIX4Dcapture.

I hope this helps. Feel free to let us know if you have more questions. :+1:

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)