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Issues with Galaxy tab 2

Hi all,

I just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to use with my Inspire Pro. When the mission starts there’s a notification telling me that the camera has failed to trigger. The same tablet works fine when paired with my Inspire 1 v2.0 with X3 camera.

I was using an iPad mini 4 with the Inspire Pro before this and never had this issue.

Please help… :frowning:


We’re aware of an issue that is currently causing triggering failures for Zenmuse X5 cameras for some combinations of flight altitude and overlap. Note that this happens only when using ver. 3.5 of Pix4Dcapture for Android and it’s very camera specific (that’s why you’re not having issues using your X3 or the iOS version).

We’re working on it and a fix will be included in the next Android release.