Issue with coordinate system / inserting into Civil 3D

I’m having some issues with alignment of linework exported from Survey and brought into C3D. I have an orthomosaic from Matic inserted into a CAD file with my GCP’s, and the ortho aligns very well with the GCP points. When I try to export vector linework from Survey and bring it into C3D, the inserted linework is more than 10 feet off. The Matic project and Survey project are in the same coordinate system, and the C3D insertion point offset is 0,0,0.

Given that the Matic project and Survey project are in the same CRS, and the Matic ortho inserts as expected, I am not sure why the Survey project is inserting so far off.

I noticed that this got moved from the Survey community to the Matic community. Just to be clear, the alignment from the Matic portion of the workflow (mainly orthomosaic) aligns properly with my GCP’s. It appears to be an issue in the Survey side of the workflow, with the exported Survey vector linework not aligning when imported into C3D.

Hello charles.rawls

I can’t reproduce the Issue,

in order to check that Survey and Matic are using the same CRS and nothing is wrong in the import/export process, you can open the dxf and the ortho in QGIS and check If the problem is still reproducible.

Else you can review the Civil3d INSUNITS and MAPIINSERT units for the insertion points.

All the best