Is Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced supported?

Hi, I am trying to use M2EA to capture data with Pix4D capture. I find that pix4d capture supports mavic 2 enterprise but I wonder if it supports mavic 2 enterprise advanced? Thanks!


Thank you for your messsage.
Unfortunately PIX4Dcapture does not support Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. For more information: Pix4Dcapture supported drones, cameras, and controllers .

Would it be possible to share with us your dataset(s) because we intend to add this camera to our database in PIX4Dmapper?


Will you ever support the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced? We just purchased this drone and the software and running into snags to make it work. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

At the moment, we don’t have any plan to support it. Apologies for the inconvenience. If things change, it will be posted on our Pix4Dcapture supported drone and camera page, here.

Please keep in mind that PIX4Dmapper can process images taken from virtually any application as long as they are of good quality and overlap. For more information: Which image acquisition app can I use with Pix4D’s software?.

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Hi Yuka
Just curious if Pix4D can process the images taken from mavic 2 pro dual sensor, especially with the thermal sensor. Plan to buy this drone and process this in Pix4D.

Hi @Timbang_Deli

The Mavic 2 Pro dual sensor of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced thermal camera is not in our database. However, Pix4Dmapper is drone agnostic, meaning you should be able to process any image obtained from the drone.

However, keep in mind that the format is not the same as the other thermal images’ RJPEG format. There is a workaround you can follow from this post to get the thermal data by converting to .tiff format.


Hi Rosana, many thanks for your response. It is a pity that DJI ‘lock’ their thermal image so it cannot be processed in Pix4D. It is hard to see real temperature only from the RGB mosaics from M2EA. How about Phantom 4 Multi-spectral, Rosana? I plan to buy this also for my project. However tried some sample from internet, this data cannot be corrected radiometrically for sun angle correction. I wonder if the reflectance data has already meet the standard as I processed with Sequoia MSP data.


P4M and Sequoias can perfectly be processed in

Hi Jose, thank you for the information. Will try on latest version.


To answer the question if Phantom 4 Multi-spectral is supported in Mapper: Yes, it is supported in Mapper.

It was released in version 4.5.3. You can see our technical release notes here: PIX4Dmapper technical release notes

For processing Sequoia multispectral imagery, there are more info here regarding the radiometric correction:
Processing Sequoia multispectral imagery
Radiometric corrections

In case you are trying PIX4Dfields, I recommend this video that use DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral as an example for the project.

How to use DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral (in-field and process tutorial video)