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Is it possible to measure volume difference of 2 files, measured within a given boundary?

I have a baseline scan with XYZRGB within a csv file. I also have a set of polygons that mark the boundaries between different zones.

Is it possible to use Pix4d to calculate a difference in volume between the baseline scan and any new scans I do with our drone, but calculated within each polygon boundary?

I assume we can import the csv file and create a 3d mesh, which would be one of the steps. 

I found these 2 topics which can get the difference between 2 scans, but I can’t see anything about a polygon boundary.


I think the closest to what you describe would be to:

  1. Create several volume base surfaces in your initial scan (has to be a created in Pix4D software) to cover each polygon of interest. 
  2. Export the base surfaces: 
  3. Import the base surfaces in projects you want to mesure the same area:
  4. Compute the difference for those projects.

Is this what you were looking for? 

Here is an article about inputs for Pix4D software: