Measure Volumes in Pix4D Matic?

Hello I am trying to find a quick way to measure volumes in Pix4d without needing to upload to the cloud. Is there a way to do this? If No then surely its quite a simple feature to add as you can draw polylines in Pix4d all we need is to have is Area and Volume calculation like in the cloud?


Hello @samir,

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Volume measurements are not available in PIX4Dmatic. You need to use either PIX4Dcloud or PIX4Dsurvey for this. The easiest would be PIX4Dsurvey as you can open your PIX4Dmatic projects directly using “Menu file > Open in PIX4Dsurvey”. But it depends on your workflow. PIX4Dmatic will give you additional vectorization tools and possibility to create TIN and contour lines while PIX4Dcloud gives you the possibility to process dataset online and share the visualization of a project with other persons over the internet. You can contact our sales team. They will help you in taking the best decision for you.

Regarding the area, you can measure this in PIX4Dmatic directly by drawing a polygon.
Press “P” on you keyboard or select the polygon tool image while being in the 3D view.


Thank you Daniele all sorted now I am going to top up my Cloud Credits.

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Hi Daniele

My Pix4D Matic does not show this box with the Areas for Polylines in 3D view.

How do I get this to show please?

@samir can you try updating the software to the newest version? and let us know if that solved it? Thanks!