Ipad problem

I was in the middle of a mission with 70% battery left and the drone returned to land, but just hovered above the landing spot. I manually landed it. I switched batteries just in case. I start it up and resume the mission. The drone goes back to the start position, not where it left off. I stopped the mission because something was obviously wrong and i didn’t want to do that all over again.

I try to start a new mission and “Mission not uploaded to done” is orange and won’t change. I left it a long time.

I tried a mission with my iphone and it works without a problem.

I go back and try a new mission with the ipad and I still get an orange “Mission not uploaded…”

I factory data reset my iPad and started brand new. Still the same results, orange “Mission not uploaded…”


It seems to be a common occurrence that in the middle of a mission, with plenty of battery power left, that the software will return the drone home. How do I ensure it continues where it left off the mission?

Today, same problem. (Matrice 600)



Based on the additional information we received we concluded that:

  1. The “Mission not uploaded to the drone” warning was resolved by adjusting the settings in the DJI GO app.
    It happens often that settings in the manufacturer’s app need to be configured in a way that they don’t conflict with the settings of Pix4Dcapture, for example, the maximum height set in DJI GO should not be lower than the mission height selected in Pix4DCapture. 

  2. The “Safe” mode was selected for the mission. For theSafe mode, we upload the position of every image (individual waypoints) which makes the drone stop, once reaching the position and taking pictures without waiting for a signal from the app. 

A DJI SDK restriction is currently preventing any third-party application, including Pix4capture, to upload more than 99 waypoints for a mission. This limitation implies that if a mission which requires more than 99 waypoints is flown, the drone will execute the mission properly until it arrives at the 99th waypoint. Then the mission will be paused and the drone will go back to land without any warning.

I anticipate that it is what you experienced here with the drone prematurely finishing the mission with a non-empty battery.

Being able to upload more than 99 waypoints for a mission will be considered as part of the ongoing development of Pix4Dcapture. To get the latest updates, I would suggest subscribing to the latest technical release notes for our app. 

In the meantime, the possible workaround is to plan smaller missions, decrease the overlap, so that it does not reach the 99 waypoints limitation or to use the “Fast” mode that is not so restrictive when it comes to the number of waypoints.