[iOS] Flying with a mobile device that has no built-in GPS

I have a Wifi only iPad and Phantom 4 Pro drone. When I attempt to start a mission in Pix4D, the startup checks fail, because without a GPS location the WiFi thinks it is wherever it was last connected to WiFi (which is often far from the drone/mission location). Is it possible to manually give Pix4D a location? Or can Pix4D just get the location from the drone itself?

Hi Alexander,

Would it be possible for you to get a screenshot of the takeoff checklist that fails? It would help us to troubleshoot.
No issues have been reported so far by users with Ipad and no GPS. 
If your GPS position is far away from your drone, then as a consequence the telemetry will display it and this value will not make sense anymore as it is normally the distance mobile device <–> drone.