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IOS Capture App Crashing


Overtime I go to load up the app on iPhone 7 and iPad mini 4 the app keeps crashing. I load it up go to click ‘double grid’ or any of the others and it just shuts down straight away. It is since I updated the app 2 days ago. Any known issues with the new update?


Hi Jake,

Before investigating further, we recommend to proceed with basic checks:

Let us know how it goes.

Hi Julie, Even just loading the app without any connection to the drone etc…crashes. I just click the app to make a pre programmed mission and it freezes and instantly crashes. I can’t click on any icons etc. Like I said this is even before the drone is connected or anything! Even with all other apps closed.



We suspect several causes for the crash and would like to investigate further.

Could you please upload here all the iOS log files that you find in the device:

If you need help about how to extract log files, check this article.

Exact same problem, on former ipad Mini 2 and again on new ipad Mini 4. Basic checks mentioned above done and passed. Even uninstall/reinstall does not fix the problem! It never once worked again on the Mini 2, and pretty sure it will never work again on Mini 4 unless you can fix that? Too bad because is good app.

Hi Nicholas, please contact the Support team via the request form and attach the log files for further investigation (cf. article for help in my comment above).