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[iOS] Bebop 2, unknown controller firmware


I have been trying to connect pix4d with bebop 2 skycontroller. I have updated both the skycontroller to version 1.7.4 and Bebop 2 to the latest version. 

It connects well, and once I tap on start, the check list displays that “unknown controller firmware” and once I click on the (?) next to it the pix4dcapture app crashes. 

I’ve re-installed pix4dcapture again on my iPhone and have tried that too without any luck. 

can you please me on how can I fix this ? 

Thanks ! 


Hello Abdullah,

The issue you are experiencing has not been reported so far.

Are you updated with the latest version of Pix4Dcapture?
Using Pix4Dcapture, as you can see in our supported drone webpage, the bebop 2 is only compatible with SkyController 2. Are you using Skycontroller 2?
Have you been able to fly your drone before using Pix4Dcapture in your configuration or the issue occurs with a firmware/software update?

What I would suggest is to follow the steps of our troubleshooter and make sure the instructions were done in a good way, especially when uninstalling/reinstalling the software.


Dear Gaël, 

Thanks for your reply, 


I am using Bebop 2 with “Skycontroller 1”. I have used Pix4D  on june 2017 and it worked well with the same drone and controller. Looking at the supported drone webpage provided, It seems that the new version of Pix4D doesn’t support Skycontroller 1 anymore, am I correct? 


Is there anyway to continue supporting this controller? It worked fine previously and I was able to have a 3D model of the building that I’ve tested it on. 

Looking forward for your positive and kind reply. 

Thank you. 

Hi Abdullah,

Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately, the SkyController 1 support with Pix4Dcapture has been discontinued. Also, we can not provide old versions of Pix4Dcapture as they are not GDPR compliant.

There is not much we can do at this stage and we apologize for that. To continue using Pix4Dcapture, you should get a SkyController 2. 

Thank you for your understanding.