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Connecting Bebop 2 trouble

Good night! I’m from Brazil and I’m having some trouble for connect my Parrot Bebop 2 with the Pix4D app. I’ve already updated my drone, my skycontroller and the apps, but I’m still stuck with the ctrl+parrot “connecting” forever, but never actually getting information from the drone. Is there something I’ve been missing in the configuration? I’ve already tried to connect with my cellphone connected to the control and only with the smartphone, but in both cases the connection didn’t work, and as I said, it kept in the “connecting” text for a long time.

Hi Narciso, 

From our supported drone and webpage, you can see that you won’t be able to use the Parrot Bebop 2 using only the wi-fi. You will need to use the SkyController 2 to be able to connect to the drone.
Are you using the SkyController 2 when trying to connect to the Bebop 2? With a USB cable from the mobile device to the RC?

In the first time, I would check in the drone manufacturer application that:

  • The drone’s camera and compass are calibrated.
  • Basic features are working properly:
    Manual takeoff and flying.
    Live video feed of the camera.
    Manual picture triggering.

If the app cannot connect to the drone, a takeoff checklist item fails, or something went wrong during the mission:

  • Force quit Pix4Dcapture and reopen it: (Android, iOS) How to force quit an app.
  • Restart your mission from scratch. To do so, close and force quit the app, disconnect the cable from the mobile device, turn off the remote controller and the drone. Then switch on the drone and the controller, reconnect the USB cable and open Pix4Dcapture. On Android, launch Pix4Dcapture from Ctrl+plugin.
  • If possible, try another iOS or Android mobile device.
  • If possible, try another drone.
  • Try another USB cable.