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International collaboration.

What do you think about the idea that we can collaborate all over the World? A simple example: I have some projects and datasets to process, but I have no such a time to spent or my system is not too fast (I own an Apple Macpro late 2013 quad-core, 3,7 Ghz. The idea is to send my dataset to another Pix4Dmapper Pro owner and to ask him to process, paying him a little or a big fee, depending on “how big it is” and “time” it requires.

In a such a way, we can create an international network. 

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Hello Antonio,

Its a good idea, for example i am working in a company for 5 days in a week and all weekend i am free for additional projects. That can help everybody about sharing time and income.


@Yunus: I thinks that the best thing to do is share this idea and create a group in Likendin, for example, which accepts these type of works. In this way we can collect works all over the World and process them. What system do you own? Do you own a “perpetual” license of Pix4D like mine? Did you subscribe support and upgrade service, like I did? Tell me more. Regards 

@Antonio, I am working as a field engineer for an international construction company, we have pix4d BIM perpetual license, using phamtom 4 pro. I am having flight once a week, follow earthworks activity and structure progress. Too much practise giving you more experience. I already bought my P4P drone, planning to have my own pix4d license and keep looking mapping and survey projects in and around my city.

Please add me on linkedin as wellırat-13a59956

Hi Antonio and Yunus, 

I like the idea! Why not use this post here in the User space to pool the requests for a start? If there are enough requests I’m open to create a new Topic (such as Processing, Image acquisition,…) which is about finding people to do a job related to Pix4D software, so that there is more international collaboration in the community. What do you think?

@Yunus: in the mean time we can collaborate due to my “perpetual” license of Pix4D. We can find the way togheter. I think that have my Apple Mac Pro switched off is a waste of time and money. Unfortunately I don’t own a Professional account on LinkedIn, but if you will send an email from your account I will accept it. If you want you can also keep in contact with me filing the form on my web site (the third tab, if I’m not wrong) See you later. Best regards.

@Pierangelo You have my permission to move this topic in a better topic, wherever you think, but only if you inform me previously. Regards.


I am interested in your idea, but I am not clear as to why this is better than sending the projects to the p4d cloud for processing. 

I think it makes sense to organize such collaborations through this forum.

Also, I recently upgraded my 2013 MacPro CPU to 12 processors - it was not that difficult. I am running p4d on Windows 10 in bootcamp mode. It is nice to watch p4d utilize all 24 cores. Will be looking to add an external Nvidia gpu next. 


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Not all Pix4D users own a computer like yours or mine, so may be useful a such a collaboration, with related fees, of course. There are also professionals who don’t have such a time to spend about acquire the basics and adequate competences about Pix4Dmapper Pro, so my idea is to give such a type of service to others. Keep in touch later, feeling free to visit my domain Regards P.S.: how much did you spend for your upgrade to 12 processors?

They are usually going for around $600 on eBay. But this was an ‘evaluation’ edition which sells for less but works just fine. OWC has a very good video on how to do the replacing. 


Thanks for your sharing. Regards


Hello, Antonio. I`m working at land surveying enterpise and have opportunity to performing datasets in Pix4D Mapper Pro with  “perpetual” license. My workstation is enough good to process big datasets (GeForce GTX 980, Intel Core I7-5900X, 64Gb RAM). So I can process your datasets for little or big fee, as you said. Regards.

@Nelya nnnn Me too. Feel free to visit my internet domain Where do you come from? Where do you live and where do you work? Regards.