Insta360 Photos Calibration

Hi, I have tried to import a series of photos taken from the Insta360 One RS and tried to import into Pix4DMatic. I have tried every setting possible for the calibration stage and nothing seemed to work. Does anyone have a similar situation and had work? What setting should be chosen for the calibration stage? Thanks!

Hi, do you have any warning messages in the status center? could you share a log file of the project where you tried to import the images? This could help identify the specific error you’ve experienced. That said, we do not support 360 images at the moment, so that may simply be the reason. The log file would still help though.

IT doesnt take Insta360 files as their format .insp is just normal .jpg with certain info removed like GPS and others. Why they do it? Who knows… Its possible to add that info using ceratin software editing exif information. Otherwise bollocks.