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Inspire 1 capture app for ios

How do i connect my inspire 1 to capture app in ios 

wifi connection is not working …its not able to locate the drone …what should i do …is there something which i need to install in my drone ???


please help i love pix 4d and i wanna use it with my inspire 1 …im a ios user 



Dear Dharanikumar,

There is no Capture app beta version yet available for iOS. The beta only supports Android to fly with DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1.
We do not know when the iOS version will be released. It is currently being developed.

We will post updates on our forum when the beta will be available for iOS here:

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Please note that the development of the Android version started before the iOS version and iOS is still catching up with the features on Android.

Best regards,

I would like to be a part of the external TestFlight/beta users when the app reaches the beta point.  


I just purchased the Pix4D capture software and just cant get the app on my iPad to connect to the Inspire 1?

can someone help?

Rene B

Hello René,

As mentioned in the previous post above, our Capture App, which is free of charge, is not compatible with the Inspire 1 using an iOS device.

However it is already possible to process images taken by your drone with our computer software Pix4Dmapper since the camera has been added to our database so the optimized camera parameters will be loaded for processing. This is fully supported.

For more information:

Best regards,

In the settings pix 4d capture, what is it Off line map.

Hey Percy,

we noticed that this post is a duplicate. In order to keep the community clean, please avoid duplicating posts.We have replied to your question in thispost.