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Insert annotations utilizing coordinate input

It would be helpful to be able to insert annotations at an exact location on site. Right now you have to click on the site to place the marker. It then displays the coordinates of your marker. This data is helpful to have. 

However, if we want to mark the location of one of our site control points it would be near impossible to select the exact coordinate. If we could enter the coordinates and then the marker gets placed there (similar to the input of coordinates for overlay location points) it would be a huge help because then people could go to our site on Pix4D Cloud and get the coordinates for control points when needed on site.

Hi Tylor,

Thank you for your constructive feedback. We are indeed aware of the importance of this functionality and it definitely makes sense when you have collected GCPs beforehand.
Pix4D is constantly working on adding new tools that will improve the processing and analysis of 3D data, both on the Desktop and the Cloud.