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Feature Request : for Inspector

Its great with the inspector feature you can get photos that were used to generate the picked point. However I think a more useful feature would be to get the coordinates and elevation of the picked point. Lines drawn should also snap to saved “inspection annotations”



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Hi Cesar,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

To get the coordinates and elevation of a point in the 3D view, you can add a marker annotation: latitude, longitude, and elevation of the clicked point will be available in the marker’s detail (right panel).

Being able to snap on existing annotations/measurements/inspections is certainly a very useful feature, especially now that adding annotations and measurements has become easier and a better accuracy can be achieved by digitising directly on the point cloud. We are evaluating it and considering to include it in our development pipeline.



Hey Cesar,

Good news!

We heard your feedback and now snapping is live on Pix4D Cloud, just press shift while drawing annotations (both in the Map and 3D Model views). Full release notes here.



Great news !!! Thank you for evaluating and considering this feature.