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Initial processing: incorrect alignment

Good morning,
I am working on the reconstruction of the facades of a church.
I made flights in manual mode, taking pictures with some overlap.
The result of the initial process is the one shown in the attached photo: part of the facade is curved.
Some photos do not seem to be correctly aligned.

I had thought that it was linked to a wrong correction of image distortion, but even processing the images correcting the distortion the same problem occurs.



Hi Massimo,

Have you tried adding MTPs to the wall?
Could you share here with us your Quality Report?


Hi Beata,
no, I haven’t tried to use MTPs yet.
I tried to process the images by setting the calibration method to “accurate geolocation and orientation” and the result is much better.
However I don’t know if it’s correct to use this setting.
I attach the Quality Report file.

B1_Mattina_00_report.pdf (157.3 KB)

Thank you


Are you sure it’s the right Quality Report?

I still see Calibration Method: Standard.

Let me know :slight_smile:

Hi Beata,
sorry, I explained wrongly.
The quality report of B1_Mattina_00 is related to the standard calibration method.
The result is visible in the photo of the first post.

Below I attach image and quality report of the procedure done with the calibration method "accurate geolocation and orientation”.

B1_Mattina_02_report.pdf (192.4 KB)

Thank you


Thank you for the clarification!

You have the Phantom 4 RTK so you can use the Accurate Geolocation and Orientation pipeline.

However, I recommend double-checking the accurancy of your geotags. It could be that it’s a little too optimistic for your dataset. Please reduce it a little and reprocess the project. Afterwards, the Absolute Geolocation Variance in the Quality Report should show better results.


thank you for your suggestion.
Sorry, but where can i change the accurancy of my geotags? in the image properties editor?

Yes, exactly there :slight_smile:

So I try to increase the values manually an reprocess everything.

Thank you

Let me know how it goes.