Incomplete Ortho

This seems to be happening more often in Matic vs Mapper where the ortho image that is created is incomplete. The images are calibrated, but it cuts out the ortho image. Does anyone know a way to fix this so that the image could at least be used as a backdrop?

We were ‘nudged’ to move in the direction of using matic full time and drop our mapper license, but results like this make me double guess the decision. Mapper would at least, most always, produce an ortho for the missing area, allowing us to use the ortho as a background image on a plan, where you cant really do that with this matic result.

Hi @Ryan_Beisaw

Thanks for sharing the results. Water areas are tricky with photogrammetry. You mention that the fact the ortho is cropped back happens more often in matic than mapper, would you have a few more examples too? This may help in the investigation. If there is a comparison mapper/matic on your datasets, that would help even more.

That said, how does the DSM look like in that specific project? I would guess there is a hole in the area that was not reconstructed (which in turn probably means there were no dense points created there too). Also, which settings have you used? (this may be in the quality report export) and have you used the hardware accelerated algorithm?

Thanks for the insights!

EDIT: just thought about how to get more points in these areas, have you tried to set the min number of matches in the dense step from 3 to 2? this may create more noise, but it may also create points in these water areas that were not there before.