Importing prescription map to Agras T40 Remote


I am trying to import prescription maps generated from Pix4DFields into my Agras T40 remote. I managed to import the shapefiles, although it did not read correctly and produced multiple missions for each polygon found within the shapefile. Do you know if there is any solution to this problem?

When I create a prescription map from DJI Terra, it produces a .djitiles file that seems to be the only file type to be read by the remote as a prescription map. Do you know how we could create this file from the shapefile provided in Pix4DFields?



We have a specific workflow to export spot prescriptions, you can read

Stay tuned as we are planning to release more prescription formats for sprayers in the next PIX4Dfields release, will happen soon :slight_smile:

Worked first time for t-40. Thanks!