Importing Autel Evo II PRO (PPK images) fail. No orientation info?

Hello. With an office mate we are testing the free trial of Pix4dMatic.

We have an Autel EVO II PRO drone that we use in “PPK” mode. For post-processing we use Emlid Studio software to get the images in fixed positions (overwriting the original images).
Apparently when doing this the orientation parameters of the images (Pitch Roll Yaw) are lost and only the corrected coordinates remain within the EXIF.

In Pix4DMapper this was never a problem, it could be processed correctly without this information (you just had to manually tell the program that the images had a precision of 1cm).

But MATIC does not allow to start the processing without having this information.

Is there any solution to this problem? How can I use images with fixed gps solutions in Pix4DMatic?

I just download a new version of Pix4Dmatic and try again and now it let us import and calibrate the images.


Hi @ilehneri_l310f glad to read you solved the issue! Cheers