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Import Processing Area uses different coordinate system than the project itself.

I am trying in import a processing area into a project that is in a localized coordinate system. Basically a shifted NAD83 Nevada West State Plane system. Image tags are updated from a PPK process. GCPs are added and fall in the correct spot. But it looks like when you import a Processing Area it is using WGS84 Lat/Long coordinates.

The Processing Area needs to be able to use the same coordinate system as the project since we always have design surface files which we are able to create a boundary from which makes clipping the point cloud down to exactly what we need a breeze. I take the surface in Trimble Business Center and create a boundary from it, then export as a KML (which is in the project’s coordinate system). But when importing Pix4D truncates the State Plane coordinates and applies them as Lat/Long so it is no where near the right location.

This is huge because this project is 10 miles long and it would take forever to select the points we didn’t want and apply “disabled” to them with the point cloud editor. Need to be able to have the Processing Area fall in the same coordinate system as the project.

Hello Tylor,

Would you share the kml file?

How are you importing the file as processing area in Pix4D?

As a workaround, you could also draw your processing area manually.

Thank you very much.