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Import custom .prj and define local coordinate systems in Pix4Dmatic

How can I add local coordinate systems in Pix4dmatic? I have attached links to a few in AutoCAD and on spatial reference.

9103.prj (556 Bytes)

Hi @kwinslow,

At the moment, it is not possible to import a .prj in Pix4Dmatic. It is only possible to use coordinate systems that are already defined in the database Pix4Dmatic is using.

I forwarded your message to the team in order to consider adding this feature in future versions.


Taking this a step further I would like to see:

1.) Import CSV for the image geotags. This allows customization for local coordinate systems.
2.) Bring over the .PRJ import function.
3.) JXL import for local calibrations for Trimble users.

These 3 functions would make local projections a breeze. Glad to see the geoids are in there now!


Hi @jack.wilcox, could you share an example of a .prj file that you would like to import?