EPSG files error e0010

In order to update the coordinates system database and especially adding new vertical system, I am trying to insert EPSG.prj files. An error message is displaying “Unable to enter the coordinate system, Error e0010:” What does that mean ? I don’t find anywhere an explanation.
Thank you for your reply,
8885.prj (1.3 KB)


May I ask if you found somewhere this file or you created it?
Here is a document that you might find useful:


I found these datas on https://epsg.io/ website. I copied the content in an existing prj file, change the EPSG name and that all. In this website, it is not possible to download an prj file, or I do not know how to do. I originally wanted to download an prj file (EPSG5720; EPSG8885) from spacialreference.org but I meet the same code error “0010”. I thought there might have been a clerical error with this file. The aim is to use an IGN69-RAF18 or RAF20 instead of EGM— or correct the géoïde height every time.

Hi pmambacher1,

Unfortunately, PIX4Dmapper does not support a .prj for the vertical coordinate system. You might want to look at PIX4Dmatic as it will support vertical coordinate systems.