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Creation of Project Datum

Needing help in creating a .prj coordinate system file that is setup for the project/local datum being used.

The coordinates are a modification of the 83/11 Washington State Plane North(M) system with an applied combined factor (divide by 0.997362 for example) with the resulting coordinate shifted by +100000 and then converted to Survey Feet.

I do not inherently understand the formatting of the .prj’s nor how to make the above formula work within it. Ideas?

Alternate formula that I think is equivalent would be 83/11 Washington State Plane North(FT) divided by 0.997362 shifted by 328083.3333

Hello eruav,
PIX4Dmapper can handle and process arbitrary coordinate systems. This includes both modified coordinate systems and fully arbitrary systems. A site Calibration file can be created to streamline the workflow and this is typically how our users process data. You can learn more about it in the link below:

If you are trying to create a custion PRJ file then you will need to use a third party software, such as ArcGIS or QGIS, to accomplish this. Either software will require the following parameters:

False Easting
False Northing
Central Meridian
Standard Parallel 1
Standard Parallel 2
Scale Factor
Latitude of Origin
Longitude of Origin

I would suggest visiting this site from Esri. It describes how to create the file using ArcGIS.