How to leave voids in iOs Mission Planner

I have a parking lot inspection to do and multiple buildings do not need to be captured.  I have created the holes where I need them but where the “flight plan” meets there is too much of a gap for that area.  How is everyone else handling doing polygon flights where you have multiple areas (ie buildings) that you do not want to capture?  It would be VERY nice if the Flight planner let you draw around the perimeter of the entire property and then draw “holes” around the area you did not want to capture.  

Hi TJ,

Thank you for your feedback. It is currently not possible to establish a flight plan the way you described it. I will share your feedback with our developer’s team as it can indeed be a nice feature to implement.
For now, if you operate several missions in order to make an image acquisition the way you desire, I would suggest you be sure that you will have sufficient overlap in between the missions so that it can properly be merged with Pix4Dmapper afterward.

To precisely merged the projects it is recommended to have a GCPs in the area of overlap between flights even if you are using RTK. Please read more about the usage of GCPs and MTPs during the merging process in our article How to merge projects.

I would suggest you have a look at this article.