How to improve dense vegitation orthomosaic

I have a 268 acres parcel that has both houses and dense vegitation. I am having issues getting some of the photos in dense vegitated areas to calibrate. I am using a DJI M300 with a P1 (35mm) sensor. I flew the site at 75% side overlap and 80% frontal overlap and I was flying at 390ft. I tried processing the flight with choosing in the key point image scale custom 1/2 image scale. The targeted number of key points was custom and 40000. This processed most of the images except for the far West edge. Any ideas on some additional settings to try in order to have the images on the West calibrate enough to get the orthomosaic complete. I have included the quality report.
Thank you
Pix4d_report.pdf (2.8 MB)

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