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How to import .dwg from CAD into Pix4D mapper project to improve the quality of volume computation.


we had the old files ( contour file or csv. is the data of the original surveying area) and we also fly drone they will get the images to create the point could in Pix4D.
I need to merge 2 files ( the old file and new point could from the last flight image) for calculation the real volume. Do it can? please give me the method to process it.

Hi Sawitri,

If I correctly understood you would like to merge the contour file from the old project with the point cloud from the new one?

If this is the case, unfortunately, this cannot be done in our software. 

In case you have both projects you could mergethem after step 1 has been compleated so that all the results after this will be from the merged project. 

Otherwise, you could extract points from the contour lines and use them as fake GCP’s to align the projects.