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How to easily examine shoot quailty, spacing and overlap of drone survey photos in field.

It can be a challenge in the field to see if the photos taken during an aerial survey shoot all worked out as expected. One issue we found if you don’t do a “FULL FORMAT” to remove old photos from an SD card when its full and you only delete them, the wright speed to the card can be slowed down significantly which can then result in lag and missing shots at the time intervals you need them at and leaving big gaps in your data set. So a few occasions due to this we had to go and do re-shoots.

Being able to quickly assess how the photos came out in the field can save a lot of time having to do re-shoots.

Here is video showing a fast and a very simple way to examine your Drone survey photo batch quality for spacing and overlap before processing. Using this method makes it easy to see if the shoot flow is inline and has followed the intended area of the survey. It also makes it easy to find if there were any gaps and to see the unusable photos between each shoot to remove them.