How do you use it on a phone AND a controller?

We have always installed it on our DJI controllers but for some reason the pro version of capture seems incompatible with the Mavic Pro 2 controller (such progress, much update), and we cant get the older version of capture installed again.

We have a spare iphone that I believe we can use to run the software, but how does this setup work? What is the drone communicating with? Is it less stable than having it installed on the controller? The spare iphone doesnt have a cell plan so I think we would need to activate the hotspot on our personal phones for the iphone to connect to? Would it be ideal to install some kind of phone bracket to the controller?

Hi @apexab

Thank you for your message. Which controller do you have?
The compatible controller for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro is the Default RC1A: