holes in my maps



why is there a large black hole in the middle of my map.  this was not there in the initial 

processing quality report.  


I have attached screenshots of both below.  Also the quality of the map is not as good as the original photos…


Hi Michael,

What you actually see in the rayCloud view is the 3D textured mesh. On the other hand, a preview of the orthomosaic and the DSM maps are displayed in the Quality Report (2nd screenshot). These are 2D models.

If you try to display in the rayCloud the densified point cloud generated after step 2, how does it look like?
Do you also see holes in the middle like for the mesh? If there is also a hole or very few points, we suspect a problem with the overlap of the images that could be insufficient.

If needed, you can refer to this article to analyze your results in the quality report:

Hope this will help.

Thank you Support…I understand the 2D/3D distinction.  Im not sure there is any issue with overlap as other software gives a full 3D model.

Re your suggestion in the 2nd paragraph, how do I display in the rayCloud the densified point cloud generated after step 2 now that the process has been finished.


I look forward to hearing from you.  Im currently trying to decide between your software and one other provider and I need to make the most of the 15day free trial to try to see which one is best suited to my needs.

Hi Michael,

In the article below, you can find how to load the generated densified point cloud after running step 2:

We will follow up directly via email with the ticket request you sent us.


I have the same issue how to solve it?

Hi Anas,

Welcome to Pix4d Community!

This problem is frequently caused by uncalibrated cameras or insufficient overlap between images. We address how to solve these issues in the following link How to improve the Outputs of Pix4Dmapper

If the following link does not help you, could you please share your Quality Report in the Community in order to provide you with more precise support?

Best regards

Nope, the overlap is very good. and all the images are calibrated. Please check th 1626_Jazan_Border_Survey_Area_03TiePoint_01_report_04.pdf (167.1 KB)

Hi Anas,

I propose you change the image Scale parameter: from 1/8 to 1/2. By doing this you will increase the number of keypoint per image and by consequence, you will be increasing the densify cloud point and filling current the holes. You could also enable Use Geometrically Verified Matching option. Also, I would like to ask you if some of your GCPs are possibly MTPs?

If the issue persists, please could send us screenshots and an updated quality report and log file?

Please let us know if this solution works for you.

Best regards,