High error GCP

Hello everyone, I have created a project with 13 GCP (100 HAS) but RMS is very high. The GCP have captured with E-Survey GNSS, the flight took place to 100 meters with overlap 85%, i dont understand that it is.

Proyecto_2023-08-14_15-16-quality_report.pdf (26.5 KB)

@oscar.soto.alvarez the camera optimization difference between initial and optimized parameters is very high (12.6%). Try to run the calibration with “Internals confidence” set to “High” and check if you get better results.

If you could share more about your image acquisition plan and what type of scene you reconstruct, this could help too.


I tried with the next parameters and results were better (0.11 m). The fligth was made with Zenmuse H20 for matrice 300 at 100 meters high, frontal and lateral overlap is 85%. Really I dont understand what is happen, could be a problem of the camera? too I tried change Vertical Coordinate Reference System of Ellipsoidal Height over the WGS 84 Ellipsoid to WGS_1984_Geoid assigning elevation of 1,700 m. but continue the high error.



The “Confianza en parametros internos” is set to “Baja”, which I translate to “Low”. Have you tried changing this to “High” (sorry I don’t have the word in spanish)?