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elevation issues(1)

Hello everyone I have a screenshot from quality report can you give me a feedback about this table

Hi @suhaib ,

The results from the table seem fine. The errors in the 3 directions on the single GCPs and the RMS errors are within the accuracy range. The reprojection error are also below 1 pixel, which is the expected value for a good calibration process.

One thing that could be improved is the number of image marks per GCP. It is recommended to use at least 5 GCPs, each of which is identified in 5 images, as it minimizes the measurement inaccuracies and helps to detect mistakes that may occur when inserting the GCPs.

If you have specific issues with elevations, please share the full PDF quality report and add further information so that we can help.

thank you

but I have a big error equal to .75 m in Z

what is the source of this error?

How do you see the error in Z? Is it a localized error or an overall error on the entire project area? If you have an overall error, that might be due to the incorrect definition of a vertical coordinate system (input, GCP, output). Please ensure all coordinate systems are correct.

I using Palestine Belt coordinate system and EGM 96 vertical coordinate system that’s right?

and the error in z not same on whole project

Could you show me where and how you see this error? Are you using some check points to compare your reconstructed model with some points measured on the ground?

I’m using my GCPs as check points

Can you ensure that the Z reference of the Check points is the same as the one of the GCPs (EGM96)?
If the issue is not solved and you have a valid license, could you submit a support ticket at this link?